Login Problems?

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I can't remember my login name/password?

To login to WebKids, you must use the login name and password given to you by your Sponsor (or the field representative that comes to visit you in your home). The login id will always be 9 digits long, and is all numbers. The password can be any length. If you don't know what this login name and password is, you must contact your Sponsor (or your field rep) to obtain that information.

When I hit [Submit] to login, I get an error saying "Incorrect login or password".

If you get a message indicating that your login name and/or password is invalid, try it again a few times. Be sure to check the case of any letters in your password -- if your password has all lower case letters, make sure that CAPS LOCK is not on. Also, be sure to note the difference between the lower case letter L ("l") and the number one ("1"). It's very easy to confuse the two, so if think your password has the number in it, try the letter (and vice versa). The same goes for the upper case letter o ("O") and the number zero ("0").

Do you access the Minute Menu login page directly, via an option in your Favorites menu? If so, try first going to www.minutemenu.com, click on Current Providers, and then type your password. This may work in some cases.

If you've tried your password several times, and are sure you haven't mistyped it, you may have been given an incorrect login name and/or password by your Sponsor (or the field representative that comes to visit you in your home). So call your Sponsor (or your field rep) to get the correct information.

When I hit [Submit] to login, nothing happens -- it remains at the login screen.

The technology employed on the Internet gets more complicated each day, as new web sites employ new tools to make it easier and faster for you to surf the web. Most web sites employ a tool called "cookies" to keep track of you from page to page, so you can log in only once and then access any number of other web pages. WebKids uses these "cookies" to keep track of you while you remain logged into the WebKids system.

But your Internet Explorer web browser is highly configurable. You can specifically modify your security settings and/or privacy settings to prevent web sites from giving you "cookies", if (for example) you don't want them to keep any data on you. WebKids must be able to keep track of your food program information, so "cookies" are an absolute requirement for WebKids to function. So if you do disable or highly restrict the use of cookies in your Internet Explorer web browser, you may not be able to login to WebKids. If this is causing you problems when logging into WebKids, you will notice this specific behavior:
  1. You visit the login page for WebKids
  2. You type your login name and password
  3. When you click [Submit], the page will submit, but will then re-load with the login name and password blank, as if nothing has happened.
If this is the case when you try to login to WebKids, you can try one of two options to solve your problem:

2. Attempt to fix Internet Explorer Privacy Settings. Follow these steps:
  1. Be sure you aren't logged into WebKids. Internet Explorer must be open
  2. In the menu at the top of your screen, choose Tools >> Internet Options
  3. This will open a window with a series of tabs across the screen, one of which is labeled "Privacy". Click on the Privacy tab.
  4. In the bottom half of that window, you'll see an [Edit] button. Click [Edit].
  5. On this page, you will be able to supply the Address of Web Site. Type minutemenu.com in the white box and click the [Allow] button. Once you click the [Allow] button, you'll see "minutemenu.com" appear in the larger Managed Web sites box on the bottom of that window.
  6. Click the [OK] button on the bottom of the screen to close that window.
  7. Click [Apply] then click [OK] to save these changes.
  8. Close Internet Explorer.
  9. You should be able to login now. Go to www.minutemenu.com and try to login again.

After I login, I can't get passed "Loading WebKids" - it gives me an error.

Minute Menu WebKids requires the use of Internet Explorer version 6.0 or greater, properly configured, with Javascript enabled.
When you login, WebKids will check your computer and your web browser to ensure your system meets these minimum requirements. So immediately after you login, you'll see a page that performs those checks, and if the checks are successful, the WebKids Main Menu will be loaded. If your computer does not pass those checks, you will be presented with an error when WebKids attempts to load. There are several different circumstances that could generate this error, and depending upon the specific error you get, you should be given instructions on that page to resolve the problem. Regardless, the following is a list of possible situations:

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