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What is Minute Menu HX?

child care billing softwareMinute Menu HX is a comprehensive CACFP management system for Sponsors, designed both to radically reduce operating costs by automating virtually all aspects of a Sponsor's operation and to substantially improve program integrity by helping ensure federal and state policies are accurately and easily followed. It is used by about 300 sponsors in 40 states covering 85,000 family child care providers -- roughly 60% of the food program nationwide has chosen to use Minute Menu because the features it offers (and the support we provide our Sponsors) are without comparison. And it's used by Sponsors with anywhere from 20 family child care homes to 5,000 family child care homes. So regardless where you are, or how large your food program is, Minute Menu is for you!

Minute Menu helps Sponsors manage all aspects of their operations, allowing detailed analysis and reporting on:

  • Provider files
  • Child files
  • Home visit / review files
  • Claim files
  • Menu & attendance records
  • Provider payments (checks & direct deposits)
  • Provider training
  • Messages / call logs & issue (corrective action) tracking

Besides providing detailed management tools (with over 100 reports) in each of those areas, it also automates several key areas of your operation:

  • Claim processing
  • Home visit planning & tracking
  • Annual child re-enrollments

The most useful automation tool that it provides is claim processing. Minute Menu HX will actually examine meal & attendance records for you, determine which meals are valid and which ones aren't, check a provider's capacity, make sure school aged children aren't claimed when they shouldn't be, ensure no child is claimed more than 2 meals & a snack (or 2 snacks & a meal)... it actually performs over 150 edit checks on every food, every child, every meal, every day. And from these edit checks, it produces a claim for each provider with Tier 1 & Tier 2 meal counts and a detailed error letter that the provider can review (in English or Spanish).

What makes this possible is Minute Menu's automated data collection. Providers can submit claims via the Internet using our Minute Menu Kids system, they can submit claims on scannable forms (in several different formats), or they can submit traditional paper claims, and you can use Minute Menu to automate the processing of all these claims. It saves a tremendous amount of time. More importantly, it dramatically improves your program integrity: it is simply impossible for a human being to do all the checks the food program requires, accurately, on every claim. It's just too much work. When Minute Menu does it, it applies the same rules to every claim every time, so that you can be certain that your claims are being processed consistently. It virtually eliminates audit findings related to claim processing.

daycare management software

daycare billing softwareImagine...

Its the beginning of the month. You're preparing claims. Your Providers have been recording their meals each day with easy-to-use Internet software. You sit down in front of your computer. You point and click a few times. And you're done with your claim.

  • Your state claim is prepared - summarizing Tier 1 and Tier 2 Hi, Lo, and Mixed Provider meal counts, with the exact detail required by your state.
  • Provider meal counts and error reports are ready - including a reason for every disallowed meal to help train your Providers.
  • Provider claim reimbursement checks are printed - with adjustments itemized on their check stubs. Direct deposits are made as well.

What's even better, your employees are out in the field training Providers, not combing through paperwork! And you process this entire claim with the knowledge that you won't have any troubles when the auditors come.

For more information, contact us and we can send you a full interest packet describing the software in detail.

For CACFP management software for Sponsors look no further than Minute Menu Systems. We are your #1 source for childcare management software specializing in child and adult care management programs. Contact us today at (972) 671-5211 to learn how Minute Menu Systems can help with your CACFP software needs.

How does Minute Menu HX work?

Minute Menu HX gives you many options, so you can easily manage claims from ALL of your providers, whether they have a computer or not!

easy to manage daycare software

Each Provider with access to the Internet will submit their claim on-line. If you choose to purchase a scanner (which is necessary with the Minute Menu HX Full license, but not the Lite license), then the remainder of your providers can submit claims on scannable forms which are then fed into a high speed NCS Pearson scanner for processing. Alternatively, you can enter claims by hand when they are submitted by Providers on hand-written meal & attendance forms.

Regardless how a provider sends their claim to you, the Minute Menu HX Claims Processor will determine how much those Providers should be reimbursed. The system will issue error letters with details on any problems with nutrition, child enrollment or schedules, or any other area of their claim. The system even automatically checks for block claims -- and will automatically reschedule upcoming reviews to ensure you meet with the 60 day block claim follow up requirement!

And that's really only the tip of the iceberg!

For more information, contact us and we can send you a full interest packet describing the software in detail.

Say goodbye to WebKids and hello to freedom:

  • 100% of CACFP recordkeeping on any device: phone, tablet, or computer… including Macs!
  • Enroll children (and collect parent signatures) online
  • Log in/out times with a quick tap on the screen
  • Send claims to sponsor from a phone or tablet
  • Everything saved on the server as soon as it’s typed

Get ready to be blown away by how easy KidKare is to use!

  • De-cluttered design
  • Streamlined functions
  • Super-fast performance

KidKare.com is a responsive website—which means it looks great on any size screen and there’s no special software to install. You can use it from any browser—Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari—on any platform—PC, Mac, Andriod or iOS. And just like our current online claiming, all of the provider data is stored safely on our servers in real time.

KidKare is what you’ve been waiting for. A single solution for all of your providers and all of their devices. A way to make food program recordkeeping easier than it’s ever been—making staying in compliance easier than it’s ever been.
Click here to go to www.kidkare.com and sign up for the newsletter to receive updates.

KidKare FAQ

Do all of my providers have to switch at once?
No. Just like when you started online claiming, you’ll make a rollout plan. Each of your providers has the opportunity switch over at the start of any new claim month.

How different is it from WebKids and Minute Menu Kids?
It’s very different—in a good way! The screens are cleaner, it’s easier to navigate, and the functions are easier to use. It’s an entirely new product, from start to finish.

Is there an upgrade fee? What’s the cost per claim?
There is no upgrade fee to roll your providers over to KidKare.com, and the cost per claim is the same as with WebKids/Kids.

What’s the deadline for all of my providers to switch over?
There is no deadline yet, but the deadline for implementing the new meal pattern will be the deadline for switching your providers over to KidKare.com. We will not be updating WebKids or Kids with the new meal pattern rules, whatever they end up being.

What do we have to do on our end to make this work with our Minute Menu HX?
Nothing. Your foods will stay the same. Your settings will stay the same. You just have to train your providers and have them start using KidKare. And we’ll have plenty of resources to help you do that.

Do we have to do something different to process the KidKare claims?
No. They will import into HX during Transfer Data just like the current online claims do.

Can my providers with Pro use it?
Yes, Pro accounting features are available in KidKare.

What training materials will we have to use? Will we have help from Minute Menu to get our providers moved over?
We’ll be with you every step of the way and provide as many training materials as we can create! They include videos, e-learning, webinars, and paper training materials. We’ll even be offering face-to-face training at the conferences. Visit help.kidkare.com to view the materials we have created for providers and keep an eye on our training site, training.minutemenu.com, for updates.

Automatically Process Provider Claims

Minute Menu HX will actually read all of your provider menus, determine whether USDA nutrition guidelines have been met, make sure the provider isn't in violation of your state licensing capacity rules, and will then calculate all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 meal counts that the provider is eligible to receive. Automatically. CACFP Childcare Software BenefitsThe process that now takes you anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes per claim will take only a few seconds. Imagine how more time you and your field staff will have to work with providers!

Proven to Reduce Administrative Costs

We analyzed a small sample of Sponsors around the nation to find out how much they saved after they began to use Minute Menu.

The results were startling. No other system can offer you a comparable cost reduction, because no other system is as comprehensive nor as automated as Minute Menu.

Proven to Improve Program Integrity

Minute Menu HX performs over 150 individual checks on every meal claimed by your Providers. Every requirement written into regulations has been built into Minute Menu. And we've got the results to prove it. Minute Menu has processed over $2 billion in provider claims since 1993, and almost 300 Sponsors in 40 states representing 85,000 family child care providers throughout the nation trust it to handle their needs. Since Minute Menu has undergone countless audits at the state and federal level, Minute Menu is the only system you can trust to maintain the highest standards of Integrity.

What Sponsors Say About Minute Menu

"I changed our software to Minute Menu in September 2004 to accommodate all the changes taking place in the CACFP. I was not a computer person AT ALL! I was terrified to make the change but I worked very hard on a start up plan and followed it along with help from Minute Menu. It was the best decision I have made in my 21 years as a director. We did not have one complaint from our over 2100 providers. It took the hassle out of processing menus and now after almost a year I can say I don't worry about new regulations from the USDA concerning meal reimbursement. Minute Menu makes changes to it's software to meet the new regulations and we just process our forms as usual. There are so many neat reports that this software creates that help me in ways I didn't even dream of. Our staff has more time and less stress over getting the menus processed on time."

For more information, contact us and we can send you a full interest packet describing the software in detail.

Great Technology & Great Training

What truly makes Minute Menu a great product is not just the product itself. In truth, you can have the greatest software in the world installed on your computers, but if your staff doesn't know how to use it, then your computers are glorified paperweights.

With Minute Menu, you get training and support that is as top notch as the software itself. Our staff includes former sponsors and a former provider, with tremendous expertise in the CACFP and child care. Our team devotes itself to being expert on all the regulations -- including federal regs, state CACFP regs, and state licensing regs. And we truly engage with each of our clients: we try to understand your existing business processes while helping you adapt to the changes that Minute Menu will bring. In fact, we have a detailed new client orientation process that we follow with each new customer -- working with you every step of the way to help you become completely successful with Minute Menu. Transitioning to an automated system as comprehensive as Minute Menu takes time and patience -- and it's a major undertaking for any organization -- but we work with you every step of the way to ensure you craft appropriate goals and timetables, and help follow thru to ensure those goals and timetables are met.

Our team of 15+ people are dedicated solely to meeting the needs of our Sponsors and their providers. Our support team answer calls and emails every Monday thru Friday, 9 to 5 central time. Beyond our support staff, we have over 400 pages of documentation that includes details on every aspect of the software, information on training your providers, and even best practices discussions based on what we've learned from the roughly 300 Sponsors that we already work with. We even offer a biennial training conference, for sponsors and state agency staff, that covers not just the software, but also detailed discussions on CACFP operating best practices unrelated to Minute Menu -- including how to improve the success of your outreach activities.

The value of the support we provide to our customers can't be overestimated -- imagine what would happen if you used software to pay providers and something went wrong within the 5 days regulations give you to cut checks to those providers after you receive funds from the state! If you choose a software vendor that is just one person, what happens when that person isn't available that week? Or what if they decide to stop supporting the software entirely?

All software has bugs -- even Minute Menu will have the occasional glitch. The difference with Minute Menu is that you can always count on our team to be here when you need us, and to remain completely dedicated to your success. Since 1993 we have been completely dedicated to the Food Program, and there is no other place you can turn that has similar resources or a proven track record of success.

And our customers rave about the support we provide. Here's what one of our Sponsors, Valerie from Oregon, said after we helped answer some questions related to food processing rules: "Thanks for helping with the food list-it's amazing what a difference it makes having it fine-tuned and letting the program do most of the work. We LOVE Minute Menu-I haven't had a day when I regretted choosing MM."

For more information, contact us and we can send you a full interest packet describing the software in detail.

Sponsor Software Computer Hardware/Software Requirements: Cloud Connect

Minute Menu HX is a client-server application. As such, you can use more than one computer with the software, where the database is hosted on a cloud server and all end-user computers run the application and connect to that single database via their Internet connection.

  End-User Requirements
Processor 1.0 - 3.0+ GHz
Available Hard Disk Space 600MB
Battery Backup UPS recommended

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 with Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Vista with Service Pack 2, Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10

UnSupported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows NT, and older Windows versions

Minute Menu HX Cloud Connect Connectivity / Bandwith Requirements
Dedicated Internet access is required for Minute Menu HX. A minimum bandwidth speed of 56 Kbps per user is recommended for sponsors using Minute Menu HX Cloud Connect.  To calculate the amount of bandwidth needed, please consider the number of users you anticipate will be using Minute Menu HX at any given time and multiply that by 56 Kbps.  Generally speaking, most DSL connections will be able to support 2 to 16 simultaneous users.  Cable, T1 and Satellite connections will have more capacity and should be able to easily support all users for a large sponsor. Keep in mind that some systems, including satellite, may have native latency that can cause lag for end-users of Minute Menu HX.

Scanners:OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) scanners are the scanners that read the forms that are scanned into HX.  In order to be compatible with Minute Menu HX, the scanners must have a pencil read head (not an ink read head). New scanners must be purchased through Minute Menu. Click here to view our pricing. For additional questions or information, please contact us.

Supported Scanners: OpScan6, OpScan4, InSIGHT4, OpScan3

Printers: We do not support dot-matrix printers, except when printing checks. Inkjet, bubble jet, or laser printers are recommended, with speeds of 10ppm (for smaller Sponsors) to 30ppm or greater (for larger Sponsors). When evaluating the speed of a printer, consider printing claim reports: 3 reports of one page each (X) the # of claiming providers = the total number of pages needed.

Provider KidKare (Internet) Requirements

In general, any computer with an operating system greater than Windows XP will work for  KidKare.com. High-speed internet access is recommended.   Since KidKare.com is completely web-based the program can be used from any device with a web browser including PCs, Macs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Devices.

Software Discounts

Non-profit agencies can typically acquire licenses for Microsoft Windows & SQL Server at highly discounted rates. For more information, check out either of the following:

  • www.ccbtechnology.com or you can call at 800-342-4222, ask for Kevin Rochol, Ext. 120. You can contact Kevin directly for the discounted rates or ask for any Sales Agent.
  • www.techsoup.org You can also call Techsoup at (800) 659-3579 x700

For more information, contact us and we can send you a full interest packet describing the software in detail.

Click here for Pre-2018 Local Database requirements.

3/19/2018 cc v1

hx2go icon

hx2go™ is the perfect tool for conducting provider reviews that integrate seamlessly into your Minute Menu HX™ software. Using your mobile device to conduct provider reviews eliminates double entry and mistakes.

Customize Your Review

Use the Admin site to build the review questionnaire that meets your agency’s needs. Add questions, hide or remove questions, and reorder them with an easy drag-and-drop.

No Internet Connection Needed

No Internet connection is required on site at the provider’s home. Download provider data before you leave the office, and upload completed reviews when you’re back—or from any wireless Internet connection!

Digitized Signatures

Providers and monitors sign the review directly on your mobile device screen. It’s their real signature, saved on screen and printed on the review report that the sponsor and the provider receive.

Click to Import

Reviews import directly into the HX database, where you can check the observed data against the provider’s claim.

One Low Price for Unlimited Reviews

hx2go is just $20/month per monitor. And you authorize each monitor to use the app individually in Minute Menu HX, so you only pay for the monitors that you want to use it.

hx2go FAQ