Last month, the Minute Menu team attended the annual Childcare Success Summit, “the world’s largest conference devoted to the ‘business side’ of early learning.” This year the conference was located in downtown Dallas, TX, and many of our team members had the exciting opportunity of attending and exhibiting. With over 650 people in attendance, we were able to provide centers with knowledge of how participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is beneficial to their business and the children in their care.

This event was led by Kris Murray, “founder and leader of the Child Care Success Academy.” Kris Murray is America’s leading expert on child care business success and a coach and marketing consultant for the early childhood industry. Kris is President and Founder of Child Care marketing Solutions, which has helped hundreds of child care programs double, or even triple, their enrollment in six months or less. Kris’s mission is to help child care owners and directors become more successful and profitable through proven cutting-edge marketing techniques and a unique approach to running a child care business”. Click here to read more about Kris Murray.

Along with Kris Murray, we had the opportunity to sit in on several speakers who are widely known in the childcare community including Vernon Mason, Jennifer Conner, and Marnie Forestieri. To read all about these speakers, check out the Childcare Success Summit website here. These classes provided insight and knowledge on how daycare centers can grow their small businesses and maximize their full potential.  The energy and enthusiasm in these classes and the entire conference was very inspiring to us. Minute Menu works very closely with daycare centers and center directors, and this conference gave us valuable insight into the lives, goals, and strategies of centers across the country.

We absolutely loved meeting up with some of our current customers and speaking with them about their experience with Minute Menu software. It was great to hear how Minute Menu CX has changed how they run their businesses. Minute Menu CX is a comprehensive CACFP management software program for single site and sponsored CACFP daycare centers. Minute Menu CX is equipped with the necessary tools and information to keep you on track and organized with the CACFP. This paperless process will revolutionize your CACFP daycare center by saving you time and money. CACFP meal claiming and management has never been so easy! Try Minute Menu CX free for 60 days and experience how we can change your CACFP busienss and meal program.

The value of the Childcare Success Summit was great, and we can’t wait to attend in 2019 in Orlando, FL. We hope to see you there!