Do you want to build a snowman? We do! Celebrate the frosty season with an easy snowman craft with your kids! This simple snowman craft for kids involves craft supplies that you most likely have at home already. Put some wintry, joyful music on and craft the day away with your kids.


White construction paper or cardstock
Colored construction paper
Colored ribbon


Start with cutting out circles from the white construction paper or cardstock. Trace circles for your children using the edge of a cup. This activity is a great exercise for children learning to cut out shapes and master scissor cutting!

Next, help your children cut the colored ribbon into sections to use as the snowman’s scarf. The ribbon will vary in size depending on how big you cut the circles. Measure the scarves around the circle before cutting. Glue the ribbon to the front of the snowman in the shape of a bow or with the ends crossed over each other as shown below.

Once the scarves are glued on, cut out the details for the snowmen. Let the children get creative with what accessories to build for their snowmen. We cut out black top hats, orange carrot noses and brown twig arms!

Lastly, add a face to your snowman. Using the markers, draw a happy face above the scarf. Display your children’s little snowmen proudly throughout your child care home this winter season!