The weather outside is frightful, so that means extra precautions and safety measures for the children in your care! Particularly if you live in colder climates with snow, your child care kids may be itching to go play outside during winter. Keep them safe this season with a few winter weather safety tips.

Layers layers layers 

Make sure every child is snugly wrapped up in thin, warm layers. Don’t let the kiddos leave the house without their jackets, boots, and gloves – especially if they plan to play in the snow (not today, frostbite).

Don’t forget the sunscreen 

Don’t skimp on the UV protection this winter season. Although the risk of sunburn seems low during these months, children are still exposed to sun rays, especially with the bright white snow. So play it safe and put on some sunscreen before heading out to play.

Padded protection

What kid doesn’t love a good snow sledding day? Make it a safe one by making sure every kid has a helmet, protective layers, and knee and elbow pads on. Teach them how to properly sled to prevent injuries. Avoid sledding near roads or crowded areas (trees, fences, etc.). Click here for more sledding safety information for children.

 Stay warm

Every time your child care kids come in from outside, keep them toasty, dry and warm. Have dry clothes and warm blankets readily available. Heat up some soup or hot chocolate for extra warmth. Be careful with electric heaters as young children may not understand the danger. Keep them behind a gate to prevent burns.

Car seats

If you have young children in car seats, remove any puffy coats or layers before strapping them in. They may seem protected with the extra layers; however, this can be very dangerous and does not secure them properly into the car seat. Read more about safety precautions and car seats during the winter.

Don’t shy away from winter fun. Implement these safety tips for a fun and safe winter season!