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We’re a small company, with a big heart and an even bigger brain—all thanks to the great people who work here. Minute Menu Systems makes web-based software that helps kids get healthy meals in childcare and help child care professionals run their businesses. There are a ton of details about Federal entitlement programs and regulations that you’ll learn eventually, but the real reason we make software is to help people—non-profits working to ensure good nutrition for our nation’s needy children, child care centers and home child care providers working to care for our kids while we work, and parents who need easy ways to find, keep up with, and pay their child care providers.

We’re looking for people that are smart, genuine, ready to learn, and a little different from the crowd. If Minute Menu made bumper stickers, ours would say: “If you’re closest to the broom, be ready to sweep” and “If you have a great idea, be ready to lead the team to implementation.” Minute Menu is located in Richardson, TX. Customer loyalty is a hallmark of our business which is illustrated by our 90%+ customer retention. We are committed to delivering the best child care food program management software to our customers.

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Location: Richardson, TX

Business Analyst

Do you love dogs? Because we have an office full of them just waiting to meet you. Literally. Our office is dog-friendly and there is always at least one furry friend roaming the halls looking for treats, love, and to put a smile on your face.

We’re looking for a spec ninja (or business analyst if you want to get technical) to come join our product team because none of our dogs have opposable thumbs and technical writing skills. If you enjoy talking to customers, can solve problems on the fly, and routinely got in trouble as a kid for taking household appliances apart so you could see how they worked, then let’s talk!

We’re a fun, friendly, open-minded group of folks that are passionate about building the best software we can that also happens to do something really great for the world. Helping non-profits feed nutritious meals to kids in childcare is not just our business, it’s our mission. If your brain has been described as having a sponge-like quality, we’ll teach you everything (and more!) that you wanted to know about Federal entitlement programs and a software suite just as complicated to match.

Still with us? Then let’s talk brass tacks.

Basic Job Functions

  • Heavy user-focused role, creating and managing user groups and conducting user research will be key to success.
  • This role will need to have a passion for knowledge and a drive to understand how things work and why as well as a focus on understanding both current and potential user.
  • Work with several application leads within the organization to understand the applications and comprehensive business benefits being delivered.
  • Documenting new product features for internal support as well as for user reference.
  • Work with leads across various organizations to gather and document information for the program.
  • Act as a catalyst to lead the analysis, documentation, and management of requirements through the life of a project.

What You Know

  • 2-3 years of experience in a SAAS environment with experience in mobile applications strongly desired
  • Experience with all aspects of the application lifecycle; requirements through operationalization.
  • SQL Server or MySQL knowledge and the ability to analyze data.
  • Experience with User-Driven Design and experience writing design driven requirements for responsive web applications.

What We’re Looking For

  • Very strong written communication skills that will be displayed in requirements writing that will be consumed by multiple countries, as well as documentation that will be consumed by both internal and external readers.
  • Ability to communicate effectively to all levels of management across IT and business teams.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to develop effective presentations to various audiences.
  • Ability to work with teams across organizations of the company and outside IT.
  • Must be detail oriented and thorough when designing requirements. Must have the ability to be creative when looking at all angles of a situation to assist in the design of the best solution.
  • Expert at producing specifications that can be easily understood and implemented by developers.
  • Must be curious by nature with a strong desire to know how things work and why.

This isn’t meant to be an all-inclusive list, just a good idea of the basics. We expect our employees to be flexible, proactive, and dedicated to going above and beyond for our team and our customers. “That’s not my job” is never going to fly here and neither are narrowly defined roles. In addition to a pretty awesome place to work with neat co-workers and furry friends, Minute Menu offers a competitive, experience-based compensation package as well as some pretty spiffy benefits like: three weeks of paid vacation your first year, free dental and vision for you and your dependents, all the free soda and snacks your heart desires, and weekly catered lunches (just to name a few!)

Job Type: Full-Time

How to Apply

Email your resume and cover letter to:

Minute Menu Systems is an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, diverse workplace where all employees feel empowered and accepted.