Social Responsibility

Minute Menu Systems has a strong commitment to the social responsibility associated with providing software programs for sponsors and providers to administer the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). We are obligated to to act for the benefit of our end users as well as the parents and children that directly benefit from the food program.

The CACFP is deeply rooted in providing incentives for small businesses across America to provide healthy meals for both children and adults, regardless of socioeconomic background. Minute Menu has worked diligently to build an affordable platform to support beneficiaries of the CACFP. Our commitment to this task is both at the federal and state levels, as states have their own regulations regarding the food program. We believe that responsible CACFP technology providers should take an active role in supporting the program at all levels of operation.


Our company’s combination of technology, regulatory, and food program expertise is second to none. And we work hard to provide data-based insights from our unique multi-state expertise to the CACFP community and advocate for the CACFP at federal, state, and local levels.  We also have committed to supporting the national associations in their advocacy for the CACFP.  We proudly contribute time and funds to the work of The National CACFP Sponsors Association, Child Care Food Program Roundtable, the National CACFP Forum, and FRAC.

We remain dedicated to meeting the technology needs of all CACFP stakeholders at all levels. Our mission is to improve the quality of child nutrition in the United States by ensuring that all participants in the CACFP have the best technology available to them and to extend that mission to the childcare industry at large.

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