KidKare Food Program helps centers calculate their CACFP claims by significantly reducing the amount of time spent managing menus, recording meals, attendance, and enrollment. KidKare Accounting is built around the specific needs and tax reporting requirements for in-home child care providers. KidKare gives you all the tools you need and none of the hassle you don’t.

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Minute Menu CX

Minute Menu CX for Sponsors of Centers can increase the efficiency and accuracy of your food program, and help you stay in compliance with federal and state regulations. Minute Menu CX is designed specifically for Sponsors of child care centers, Head Start programs, outside school hours care programs, at risk facilities, emergency shelters, and adult care centers. Using the software simplifies key tasks for centers, and can significantly reduce the amount of time Sponsors spend managing their food program claim information.

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Minute Menu HX

Minute Menu HX is a comprehensive CACFP management system for Sponsors, designed both to radically reduce operating costs by automating virtually all aspects of a Sponsor’s operation and to substantially improve program integrity by helping ensure federal and state policies are accurately and easily followed. It is used by about 300 sponsors in 40 states covering 85,000 family child care providers — roughly 60% of the food program nationwide has chosen to use Minute Menu because the features it offers (and the support we provide our Sponsors) are without comparison. And it’s used by Sponsors with anywhere from 20 family child care homes to 5,000 family child care homes. So regardless where you are, or how large your food program is, Minute Menu is for you!

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