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kids2go is the app that keeps up with you!

Record on-the-go with kids2go!

No more booting up the computer to record your food program info!

Record Foods and Attendance from your kitchen!

Foods served and the children you served them to can be recorded with just a few touches. You can even record multiple servings and individual infant meals from your mobile device.

Check children in as they come through the door!

Use your phone or ipad to check in children when they arrive and check them out when they leave. In/Out times have never been this easy to collect.

Tell your sponsor you’re heading out as you load the children into the car!

Will you be away from home during a meal service? Let your sponsor know exactly when you’ll be out without having to call. You can also let them know when you’re going to be open on a holiday.

As secure as your computer!

Just like using Kids on your computer, you’ll need your password and login to use the app. If speed is what you want, you can tell it to remember your password for even faster access to your info.

Apple Users

The kids2go App is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through the iTunes app store. Click the link on the right to download it Today!

The Mobile Web Site is available for Apple Users by browsing to kids2go.mobi on your device.

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Android Users

The kids2go App is available for devices with Android 2.1 or greater through the Android Market. Click the link on the right to download it Today!

Get it on Google Play

Kindle Fire Users

The kids2go App is available for Kindle Fire through the Amazon App Store. Click the link on the right to download it Today! Click here to learn more about the kindle fire.

Available in the Amazon App store

Other Users

Kids2go.mobi is not compatible with Blackberry or Windows-based smart phones. You can access kids2go.mobi on your computer using the Chrome or Safari browsers (includes Mac computers).

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